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WordPress said I should delete the first post and create one of my own. So here goes:

I don’t really have tons of time to write. For those of you who just stumbled here, I’m a pretty busy guy and I already spend way too much time online. I serve as NFL Associate Editor of Bleacher Report, one of the internet’s most popular Sports websites. I also write occasionally over there (link on the right.) I spend far more time on Twitter than is probably healthy and am a recovering Facebooker.

I signed up with WordPress to help write daily devotions over at my church’s website (link also on the right.) I spent 8+ years training to be a minister and that’s a pretty great use of said training. I’ll be splitting duties over there with my Pastor and his Vicar. Both are great writers,  so whenever you click, you’ll be in good hands.

So what will go here at “Schottey Musings?” A lot of randomness.

I’ll keep things as apolitical as I can, but some things just tick me off. I’ll complain about popular culture a lot and proffer up my high-minded/high-horsed two cents about how our world is tearing apart at the seams. (Kidding, but no, really.) I’ll share some fun stories about my two-year old son who is far more hilarious than I could ever be. I’ll post some great links I’ve read about social media and some great recipes that I’ve tried.

Mostly, I’ll check the site stats and become alternately neurotic and narcissistic. So, either check the site or not depending on what medication you’d like to see me on.


Written by Michael Schottey

October 12, 2011 at 12:00 PM

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