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25 NFL Must-Follows (With Under 10K Followers) On Twitter

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Updated 9/26/2013

When John Talty wrote a fantastic list of Sports Writer Must-Follows for the International Business Times, it struck me (and others) how most on the list had more than 10/25/50 or even 100 thousand followers.

So, I compiled this list of the greatest NFL sports must follows that have less than 10 thousand followers. The list ranges from bloggers to radio guys; from guys who break news to those who aggregate it. If you’re not following these people on Twitter, you’re simply doing it wrong. (Also, if you stumbled here without following me (@Schottey) feel free to do so as well.)

Note: ALL of these people talk about NFL at the league-wide level most of the time. While there are plenty of other great team-based tweeters, I tried to keep this list more globally-focused.

@ChrisBurke_SI (9001)—Sports Illustrated

Chris has been an NFL editor at Fanhouse, made a brief stop at Bleacher Report and took his talents to Sports Illustrated, where he runs “The Audibles” blog.

@PSchrags (8856)—Fox Sports

Pete’s got his finger on the pulse of the NFL and usually has either a funny or a poignant take on what’s going on. He also, literally, wrote the book on Victor Cruz.

@LRiddickESPN (8640)—ESPN

A former NFL Scout/Director, Louis Riddick is now a fixture on NFL Insiders on ESPN. A good resource all the time, he’s especially great during live football.

@MikeTanier(8305)—Sports On Earth

One of the better “think outside the box” guys in the NFL blogosphere

@Eric_Edholm (7856)—Y!/MMQB

He’s covered a host of divisions for PFW, but his tweets know no bounds. You’re missing a lot of great insider gossip and NFL analysis if you’re not following.

@SeniorBowlPhil (7755)—Former NFL GM/Senior Bowl

Phil Savage used to run NFL personnel departments, but now he has his hands full with Senior Bowl prep. He’s got great opinions and knows a ton about the game.

@PFF_Sam (7605)—Pro Football Focus

Sam also tweets from the @ProFootbalFocus account so he’s a little late to the twitter game. Still, for fantastic analysis and an unbiased look at the players you think you know about, Sam is one of the best.


@SalaryCap101 (7546)—Priority Sports/ESPN Radio/CSN

One of the smartest money guys around the NFL, J.I. Halsell has been on both sides of the negotiating table and also serves as the NFL Insider for ESPN Radio D.C.

@FOX_JayClemons (7386)—Fox Sports

An award winning fantasy columnist, Jay recently joined B/R as a baseball/NFL fantasy guru and shares all of his knowledge on twitter. Your league will hate you, but follow Jay and you might start bringing home first place.

@Ted_Sundquist (7191)—TheFootballEducator, Former NFL GM

Mr. Sundquist has insight that very few in the media can match after spending time in the Denver Broncos front office and at the Air Force Academy as an assistant coach. He has a way of looking at things from an angle no one else takes.

@SGW94 (6724)—SB Nation

Stephen White is a former defensive lineman and one of the smartest, most-opinionated football minds on Twitter. He’s also unabashedly liberal, which is a plus for me.

@thefootballgirl  (6306)—

Want the “fairer side’s” perspective on the game? Screw that…Melissa Jacobs is one of the smartest and most opinionated NFL bloggers out there and will make anyone man or woman smarter with each tweet.

@FBGChase (5643)—Football Perspective

Chase Stuart has written for just about everyone in the football biz and now he’s writing for his own site–Football Perspective. His twitter feed is a great mix of highbrow football stuff accessible to the average fan and stats/analysis that will blow your mind.

@Ryan_Riddle (5249)—Bleacher Report

Ryan set Cal’s single-season sack record and was drafted in the 5th round by the Oakland Raiders in 2005. Now, Ryan writes for Bleacher Report and provides readers with an inside look at the game they can’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s personal stories about Ray Lewis and Aaron Rodgers or a breakdown of defensive line play, Riddle brings the heat with every tweet.

@Andrew_Garda (5165)—Bleacher Report, Football Guys

Andrew has written for countless outlets and has a well-rounded approach to the game while never shying away from tough topics. If it’s happening, Garda has an opinion about it.

@Dumonjic_Alen (4869)—The Score

Speaking of fantastic insight, Alen Dumonjic is one of the smartest football minds that no one knows about. His X’s and O’s analysis of NFL games is almost instantaneous and will teach you what just happened before the replay.

@RobertKlemko (4642)—MMQB

One of the best young writers around, Robert joined MMQB and has dominated with great features and interviews. He’s a must-follow and a must-read.

@Andy_Benoit (4604)—MMQB

One of my favorite writers, Andy had spent some time bouncing around with his own site and on the NYT’s Fifth Down blog. Peter King’s new site wisely grabbed him and he’s been knocking it out of the park.

@AndrewBucholtz (4588)—Yahoo!; AwfulAnnouncing

Hailing from north of the board, Andrew tweets a lot about the CFL, but knows its American “big brother” pretty well too. Of course, you’ll get plenty of analysis of the analysts as well, which is always fun.

@CorryJoel (4533)—National Football Post/CBS

I like to think that I know a little bit about the business side of football. If I need to know something about a player’s contract terms, I can usually dig it up. Joel Corry, on the other hand, lives and breathes this stuff. He’s become a great resource not only for media, but also for the casual fan.

@JoshZerkle (3671)—Bleacher Report

Josh does video for B/R and (more importantly) also hosts our live fantasy show on Sunday mornings. Follow him for hilarious opinions, but also bug him about your crappy fantasy team.

@TySchalter (3443)—Bleacher Report

Ty Schalter is a Lions blogger turned national lead writer (hey, that sounds familiar!) for B/R and unabashed MSU & American soccer fan. Follow him for just about anything, but just follow him already!

@BKissel7 (3370)—Bleacher Report

BJ Kissel knows both baseball (was Academic All-Big 12 at Kansas State) and football. He’s got a great scouting eye and B/R was very happy to be able to poach him over from Arrowhead Pride. So, if you’re a fan of the Chiefs or the NFL Draft, he’s even more of a must-follow!

@JoshKatzowitz (3363)—CBS Sports

Part of the Eye On Sports blogs, Josh can be found tweeting about almost any big NFL topic. He’s also currently finishing a book about Sid Gilman which promises to be fantastic.

@patrick_hruby (3186)—Sports on Earth

If you care about the social issues around the game (I do, you should), Patrick is a must-follow.


The problem with doing lists like this is that you always leave someone off. So, here’s another short list of fine follows who “missed the cut” (ie, were inexplicably left off by me/I’m too lazy to up this list to 50): @realshaunking, @ckparrot, @RobRang, @NFL_Bridge, @SoftliSTL, @CaptainComeback, @BaxFootballGuru, @MikeMcCartney7, @TysonNFL, @RotoPat, @AlexDunlapNFL


Congrats to these guys who used to be on the list but have crossed the 10K threshold–@PatKirwanCBS, @SigmundBloom, @MoveTheSticks, @ChrisWesseling, @Aaron_Nagler, @WillBrinson, @MichaelDavSmith, @JoeFortenbaugh, @dpbrugler,  @footballfacts,  @brian_mcintyre,  @Chet_G,  @MattWaldman, @NFLOsophy, @JeneBramel


Written by Michael Schottey

March 27, 2012 at 7:39 PM

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  1. @ckparrot should really be on this list. His draft analysis is possibly the best you can get anywhere. He’s one of the most logical draft guys you’ll come across.


    March 27, 2012 at 11:07 PM

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  4. I’m not on there? I’m offended. LOL Seriously though, nicely done, Mike. Good list.

    Ron Clements

    September 27, 2013 at 6:11 PM

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