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Advocare Challenge: Day -1

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For those who didn’t catch my earlier announcement via social media, I’m starting the Advocare 24-day Trim Challenge. My pastor and friend, Phil Huebner has already completed the challenge (losing 12 pounds) and has just started a second go-around with his wife. He was alerted to the program by and received his first shipments from Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive guard, Zevin Zeitler whom he coached in high school. Pastor Phil is now a “pusher” of the products.

In short: the program changes the way you eat and gives you all the tools one would need to lose weight. In addition to their “trim” line, they have plenty of different supplement lines to effect or support healthy lifestyles.

My Advocare pack arrived this morning and 1st thing’s first—I couldn’t believe that such a tiny box would change my life in the way that it promises to do! However, I guess, being a father should have taught me that big change can come in small packages. 

Included in the pack are Herbal Cleanse Fiber Drinks (YUM!), Probiotic supplements, Energy supplements (Caffeine+vitamins), Omega-3 supplements, Metabolism-boosting Multivitamins, and meal replacement shakes (that I don’t take until day-8 of the program). 

The first phase is the “Cleanse Phase” where my body clears out all the junk I’ve put in it over the last 27 years. Then, Days 8-24 is the “Max Phase” where the bulk of the weightloss is supposed to happen. 

It isn’t “just miracle drugs”, it is also a strict eating plan that includes little-to-no processed foods, and a lot of natural proteins, vegetables, fruits and complex carbs. It’s a little ironic that my family already eats this way—most of the time—so it will be interesting to see what effect the regimented schedule and the lack of terrible snacking, fast food, eating out and liquid calories will have. (I’m guessing a LOT!)

I will be blogging about the changes and updating everyone on my progress. If there’s any doubt I could seriously use this program, I took my waist measurement and broke a fabric tape measure…so, it’s clearly time to carpe this diem. 


Written by Michael Schottey

April 4, 2013 at 11:54 AM

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