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Advocare Challenge: Days 2 & 3

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It’s day three of my Advocare 24-day Challenge and I am feeling great!

Waking up the second morning, I’d already lost 3.5lbs. While those results didn’t repeat from day two to day three, I felt great in the morning (minus some muscle soreness from exercising). I even remarked to Stacey that I felt like a “slimmer human being.” It wasn’t just psychosomatic either, getting ready for church in the morning revealed a baggier shirt and some looser fitting pants.

There have been very few times that I’ve felt legitimately hungry and far more times that I’ve felt excited to eat a meal!

I’m also feeling more-and-more like my body is getting a rhythm back. I’ve been more energetic in the morning (even before the “Spark” drink) and haven’t had mid-morning or mid-afternoon crashes. Without any caffeine in the afternoon or evening, I’m winding down earlier at night. Overall, I feel more productive and get a lot done in-between trips to refill my glass of water!

Here’s what I’ve eaten the past two days:

Day 2 Breakfast: Dinner from the night before (chicken tortilla stew) w/scrambled eggs and avocado.

Day 2 Lunch: Porkchops w/Quinoa Pilaf and Edamame

Day 2 Dinner: Skirt Steak-Spinach Salad (made wraps for Stacey and Joshua)

Day 3 Breakfast: Dinner from the night before w/scrambled eggs in a high-fiber/low-carb wrap

Day 3 Lunch: Leftovers from Day 2 Lunch

Day 3 Dinner: Curry-rubbed Chicken Breast w/yellow squash and brown rice.

Back to the daily grind on Monday when we’ll hopefully get to sign some mortgage papers so we can continue moving on our new house!


Written by Michael Schottey

April 7, 2013 at 8:52 PM

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